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Escon Superior quality V-Belts are manufactured in India at their two most modern manufacturing units located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh Since 1992 and District Una, Himachal Pradesh since 2010. 

Escon is one among the very few organised manufactures of V-Belts in India and enjoys significant brand equity in the Mechanical Power Transmission Industry. 

Escon brings together the required combination of best State of the art Manufacturing Facility, Systematic Approach, High Quality Raw Materials, Technical Expertise and Process control to achieve our mission to “ Deliver Customer Satisfaction With Quality Products”  

On the customer front Escon understands that in all industries requirement of Mechanical power transmission demands high standards of safety, quality and cost efficiency. Escon V-Belts offer the industry a comprehensive range meeting today’s stringent requirements.

Steel Files

Escon Rose Engineering Files is the most respected symbols of quality and reliability, hence the most sought after. The result of Technical competence , dedicated workforce and stringent quality control . Our R&D department works constantly to upgrade existing manufacturing process and further develop the latest technology to incorporate technological advances to improve upon existing performance and life of the file . All this combines to ensure a perfect file. We are having an in-house Hot and Cold Rolling Mill, there- by ensuring optimum quality of raw material which is of great importance in the performance of the file. 


1.Raw Material

We melt our own steel there by ensuring highly accurate chemical composition which plays a vital role is the performance of the file. Our machinery used in the process of hot rolling and cold rolling our steel along with stringent quality controls help ensure that all aspects of raw material critical to the file manufacturing process are taken care of, thereby ensuring performance as well as the longevity of the file.

2.Precise geometry

Precise geometry and consistent tang sizing ensures quality products. Corona’s forging, grinding and 

polishing techniques begin with hardened steel blanks and end with the most accurately precise files.

3.Density & Depth

Density, depth and sharpness of the teeth ensure high filing performance and excellent surface finishing. Depend on our consistent quality, which is based on more than 100 quality control tests per file during the manufacturing process.

4.Ergonometric Grip

Ergonometric Grip is important due to the nature of the filing process. Our file handles are ergonomically designed, largely eliminating muscle strain, shock and vibration to the hands during the repetitive motion during filing. The comfortable grip is designed to mold to the shape of the hand for greater control, reduced muscle tension and to help reduce the risk of injury.

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Escon Conveyor Belts are manufactured at “Escon Industries” which is the Second manufacturing Unit of the “Escon Group” incepted in the year 2010 at Una , Himachal Pradesh . Escon is one among the very few Organised Manufacturers of Conveyor Belt and Escon today enjoys significant brand equity in the bulk material handling industry.

Important Facts about the Manufacturing Unit: 

1.Total Land area 7000 Sq Mtrs 

2.Total Working Strength – 120 People 

3.Total Manufacturing Capacity for Conveyor Belts per month – 11000 Mtrs 

Escon Brings together the required combination of Best Machinery, Systematic Approach, High Quality Raw Materials, Technical Expertise and control to achieve Our mission which is to “Deliver Customer Satisfaction with Quality Products” .

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Escon Group is involved in the following Business Activities 

a) Distributorship Business

 GRIND WELL NORTON (A Saint Gobain Subsidiary) 

 We are distributing “Grindwell Norton” products through our two branches in Haryana and Rajasthan Since 1980’s.


b) Association Business

Escon Associated with the world leader in the Year 1995. DRB Rubber Belting, South Korea  for distribution of their products in India .DRB , South Korea is in the business of Mechanical and Power Transmission Sector since 1945 with it's 5 manufacturing units in different parts of the world  and is counted in one among the top Companies of the world .The joint brand in which Dongil products are distributed in INDIA are "Dongil- Escon" .

Today "Dongil-Escon"  Cogged belts is the leader in the Automotive Bus ,Truck  , Construction Machinery and other segment . Once the customer purchase these belts they never change to any other brand .

Our Business association with DONGIL RUBBER BELT CO., SOUTH KOREA one of the world's leading V Belt Manufacturer also helped us in understanding the Global demands on the Quality Standards & good exposure to the Production facility of International standards

c) Raw Materials Trading Business 

1) Polyester Cords- 

 We regularly import the best quality Polyester Cords available from Reputed companies manufacturing high quality Polyester Cords which are used in the manufacturing of V-Belts. This business we are doing since past year 2001. 

 2) Belting Fabric- 

 We are agents for the Polyester Cotton Jacketing fabrics manufactured by Modern Cotton Yarn Spinners and Southern Spinners since year 2010. 

 3)  Rubber Polymers- 

 We are regularly importing Rubber Polymers like Chloroprene , SBR , PBR and  Nitrile from France , Germany , Japan of companies like Lanxess , Denka , Kumho etc . 


d) Pulleys and Couplings 

 ESCON DUO APPLICATION Pulleys fitted with quick-Fit cone bushes, can be used life long on various light, medium and heavy-duty industrial drives. Escon Flexible Couplings are used to connect two shafts together, transmitting system torque from one shaft to the other. 

e) Marble and TCT Cutters 

Escon TCT Circular Saw Blade, offered by us ensure smooth cutting. Our cutters provide good work life and energy saving even when used on solid woods. Teeth of Circular blanks are brazed with Tungsten Carbide Tips which are specially imported from Germany  makes our  blades even stronger. 

Escon Thick Diamond Coated Marble Cutting Blades are fabricated using high quality steel and advanced machinery, our Circular Saw Blade is extremely sharp and acknowledged for its dependable performance. 

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